Suzy Talks About Her Transformation in ‘Anna,’ Praises She’s Receiving, Her Acting and Singing Careers, and More

Suzy Kdrama Anna
Suzy Kdrama Anna
Credit: Coupang Play

Suzy has impressed everyone with her transformation in the Coupang original series Anna.

Suzy met with Xportsnews on the 27th for an interview about her new drama Anna. In this series, the actress plays Yumi, a girl sick and tired of her struggling life, and Anna, who enjoys a fancy lifestyle, and portrays a woman from her late teens to her late 30s. “I’ve read the scripts for so long, and now that I’m watching the completed version of the drama. I was reminded of how I felt when I was acting,” Suzy said. “Now I have regrets like ‘I should’ve tried this in that scene.’ But it’s amazing to see the people around me complimenting the work.”

Suzy showed a face she had never shown through Anna. And her effort is rewarded with praise that this is her all-time drama. “Whenever I start a new project, I start with a mindset of ‘this is my all-time drama.’ I wanted to do Anna really badly, and I’ve disappeared into the role. It’s like a dream to hear people compliment how I’ve met your all-time drama.”

The actress also mentioned working with Jung Eun Chae. “From some point on, when Yumi felt deprived, a crack appeared between the two (Yumi and Hyun Joo). From that point on, I tried to express my feelings. We helped each other a lot because of a situation like that. I even wrote in my diary things like ‘I should provoke her today.'”

Suzy Kdrama Anna
Credit: Coupang Play

For the first time in her career, Suzy took on the title role. “I try to care more about what’s going on the set and the atmosphere of it, but not this time,” she commented. “I tried to focus only on Yumi’s emotions. Yumi doesn’t have many scenes where she feels happy, so it shows when she was even a little bit happy. It was tough, but I tried to think only about myself like Yumi.”

Then what does Anna mean to Suzy? The actress replied, “The reason I wanted to play this character was that I had a desire to show something new. I knew that this project would give me that chance. It’ll remain a meaningful drama for me.”

Suzy also mentioned all the praises she’s receiving for her performance. “I always felt the pressure, so the pressure (of getting praised) isn’t something new to me. But I’m not used to getting complimented, so I won’t let it sway my emotions and just keep on doing my job.”

What about her career as a singer? “I think now I can make music that’s more private,” she replied. “I always thought about not giving up on music and I want to keep on telling my own story. Rather than making music for others, I’m trying to make music for myself.”

Suzy concluded the interview, looking back on her 12-year acting career. “I think I’ve lived my life to the fullest, but looking back now, I have many regrets. In my 30s, I want to have more regrets. I guess I don’t want to push myself too much in my 30s.”

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