Jeon Do Yeon Talks About the Price of Going Shirtless in ‘Happy End’

jeon do yeon yoo quiz
jeon do yeon yoo quiz
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Jeon Do Yeon recently shared photos of herself in her 20s and her house filled with various plants on tvN’s You Quiz on the Block.

During the show, she was asked about things she enjoys doing. She said, “I love plants, like trees and flowers, and enjoy growing and watering them. They don’t bother me. I don’t have to entertain them. Even though they require care, they just sit there and don’t demand from me.”

The actress is often spotted wearing no makeup when there is no filming schedule. She explained, “I don’t like putting on makeup, and personally, I like my bare face. I think people look the prettiest in their bare faces, so I don’t wear makeup on a daily basis.”

Her past photos, which recently became a hot topic online, were also mentioned. Yoo Jae Suk, who went to the same college as she did, recalled the past and pointed to one of the images featuring her wearing long, straight hair, saying, “I saw her when she was in her first year. I think this one looks most similar to her back then. My friend had a crush on her.”

In response, Jeon Do Yeon showed her confidence in her bare face and said, “As I just said, I love my bare face. I think I looked cute when I was young. I love the natural vibe.”

Jeon Do Yeon previously appeared in the 1999 film Happy End as a woman having an affair with her ex-lover. She shared why she chose to star in it, saying, “I am not so sure if I can talk about this, but there were only two types of movies back in 1999: movies that star Han Suk Kyu and those that do not. At a young age, I wanted to prove that even movies without him could be successful,” showing the pride and trust she had in herself as an actress.

Jeon Do Yeon made huge waves in the industry as she decided to join a film that required her to shoot shirtless scenes at the peak of her popularity. At that time, society did not view the actress going shirtless in a good light. She recalled, “Everyone disagreed with my decision. That was the toughest decision ever for me. I never expected my mom would cry that much when I tried to persuade her. She was worried that I would not be able to find a good spouse, and I persuaded her by saying that I did not become an actress to find a good one.”

The star said she was hurt a lot after completing filming. She stated, “I did not think too much when making such a decision, but I ended up losing all the endorsement deals after shooting the film. Only after I finished filming it did I know why. That’s when I learned about how actresses are typically viewed and what they are asked of.” She added, “That realization really hurt me, but that also helped me learn a lot. I think I became mentally stronger when I did something against people.”

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