Yoo Ah In Attends Police Summoning Over Allegations of Drug Use

yoo ah in drugs
yoo ah in drugs
Credit: Dispatch

Yoo Ah In has responded to police summons regarding allegations of drug use.

The actor showed up at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency at 10 AM KST on the 27th, 50 days after the investigation into the drug-related suspicions began. Originally, the police had requested that his attendance be kept private and had postponed the original summons date of the 24th to the 27th after the news was picked up by the media and reported widely.

Yoo Ah In was booked on suspicion of violating the Narcotics Control Act on March 6th. The National Forensic Service found traces of propofol, marijuana, cocaine, and ketamine in his hair sample.

yoo ah in drugs
Credit: Dispatch
yoo ah in drugs
Credit: Dispatch

The police conducted a comprehensive investigation for 50 days, focusing on finding evidence of Yoo Ah In’s drug use. They analyzed eight years’ worth of conversations from two seized phones, with more than 10,000 pages of forensic records. They also conducted searches and seizures at two locations, including a hospital and the actor’s home, and summoned medical staff, agency officials, and acquaintances to widen the scope of the investigation.

With Yoo Ah In’s summons, the investigation, which has been ongoing for two months, is expected to come to a close. While proving the propofol allegations seems likely, evidence to establish the other drug allegations will be necessary.

Yoo Ah In’s side acknowledged his wrongdoing, saying, “He is fully aware of the mistakes that he had made and is reflecting on his actions. He knows that words cannot fully express how sorry he is for what he has done. He intends to share everything he knows and cooperate with the investigation.” However, they stated their intention to provide evidence to dispute certain allegations they believe Yoo Ah In was wrongfully charged with.

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