Yoo Ah In’s Criminal Probe Postponed: What Legal Experts Have to Say

yoo ah in drugs
yoo ah in drugs
Credit: OSEN

The police investigation into Yoo Ah In‘s alleged drug use has been delayed, following the recent accusations against him. Several legal experts were asked to comment on the situation, according to YTN.

One of the lawyers stated, “In South Korea, it’s common for first-time drug offenders to receive a suspended sentence. However, this won’t be the case for Yoo Ah In due to his celebrity status and the fact that he used cocaine, a highly addictive drug.”

He added, “The extent of Yoo Ah In’s punishment will hinge on the frequency and amount of drugs. Those with previous records of drug production, distribution, and solicitation face harsher sentencing. However, if the actor did not engage in these activities and shows genuine remorse, he will most likely be placed on probation.”

Another lawyer shared a similar perspective, stating, “Given the high level of public scrutiny surrounding the actor’s case, judges are likely to impose stricter sentencing standards. However, if Yoo Ah In shows contrition for his actions and does not commit any further crimes, he may be sentenced to fines or probation.”

Currently, Yoo Ah In is banned from leaving South Korea and is being investigated without being detained. His lawyer is working to reschedule the police questioning that was originally scheduled for March 24th.

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