DKZ’s Agency Addresses Kyungyoon’s Family Ties to JMS Cult

dkz kyoungyoon
dkz kyoungyoon
Credit: iMBC

DKZ member Kyungyun’s parents spoke up about suspicions of their affiliation with the Christian Gospel Mission Church (hereafter JMS).

On March 7th, DKZ’s agency, Dongyo Entertainment, released a statement saying, “After speaking with Kyoungyoon and his family regarding their business that has been under discussion online and on social media, it has come to our attention that the member believed the organization in question was simply a regular church attended by his parents, prior to learning the full details about it.”

They also stated that “After conducting an investigation into the issue surrounding the organization, his family’s company immediately ceased operations and left the church. While ignorance cannot excuse the situation, Kyungyoon had no intention to serve the interests of the organization or defend its criminal activities.”

Netflix’s new documentary series, “In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal,” which exposes the horrifying practices of cult leaders, has been making headlines across the nation. It sheds light on the stories of victims from a range of religious organizations, including JMS, Odaeyang, Baby Garden and Manmin Central Church. The leader of JMS, Jeong Myeong Seok, was charged with sexually abusing female followers.

However, there are some who are raising doubts as to whether Kyoungyoon was truly unaware of his family’s religion. In a previous interview, he revealed that he is a Christian and that his aunt is a pastor who always prays for him and his family. He also mentioned that church members across the country, who are acquainted with his aunt, pray for each of the members by name. Fans are now demanding further clarification from him on this matter, given the conflicting information. Additionally, Kyoungyoon made a similar remark during a radio interview.

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