Netflix’s ‘In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal’ Leaves Viewers in Shock

in the name of god a holy betrayal
in the name of god a holy betrayal
Credit: Netflix

The Netflix documentary In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal is causing a big stir, as it reveals the evil doings of South Korean cult leaders. Many Asian countries, including Hong Kong, were shocked after a Hong Kongese victim named Maple Yip came forward claiming that she had been sexually assaulted by Jung Myung Seok, the founder of Jesus Morning Star (JMS). In response to the documentary, Hong Kong media outlets are highlighting the dangers of cults while sharing the victim’s stories. Viewers have expressed their concerns after watching the show.

One Hong Kong resident who reportedly watched the first three episodes of the documentary said in a phone interview, “I was surprised by how JMS used psychology to propagate, and the level of threats posed to devotees trying to expose the secret was beyond my imagination. I would like to applaud the courage the victim has shown in sharing her story of abuse.”

Another Hong Kong resident stated, “I thought that people who fell for cults were crazy before watching the show, but after watching it, I realized that they were just fragile victims.”

A resident of Singapore shared, “I didn’t have a clear understanding of how JMS operates as I don’t follow any religion. However, learning about the large number of its followers made me anxious, and the thought of someone I know being a part of it is alarming. It’s bewildering why the founder committed such terrible atrocities not just in Korea but also in other countries. People often turn to religion, so it’s concerning that a religious cult like JMS could regain popularity.”

Meanwhile, South Koreans are trying to weed out cults that are deeply rooted in their society.

Kim Ki Soon, another cult leader featured in the show, founded one of the leading record companies in the country, Synnara Record. Many viewers have taken to social media to leave comments like, “I will boycott the company forever” after learning this.

Customers who have purchased albums through the record company are currently being given the opportunity to apply for an idol fan signing event. One idol fan grumbled, “I was so shocked after learning from the show that Synnara Record was run by a religious cult leader. I can’t believe it.”

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