PICK: Who Will Be the Final Winners in ‘Physical: 100’?

physical 100 winner

Edited by Seo Hayne
Translated by Hana Lee

physical 100 winner
Credit: Netflix

Netflix’s Physical: 100 is a survival game show where one hundred participants compete against each other to win the title of “most perfect physique.” They include former or current athletes, bodybuilders, special forces soldiers, mountain rescuers and fitness influencers. The variety show topped Neflix’s global top ten list with a cumulative 41,610,000 hours viewed between February 6th and 12th. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the contestants who are likely to make it through to the final round of the fierce competition.

Jo Jin Hyeong Who Never Ever Gives up


“The Punishment of Atlas,” one of the five individual tasks inspired by ancient mythology, was the Quest 4’s first game that saw the remaining contestants holding the humongous stones on their shoulders. As the game lasted for more than two hours, it drew enthusiastic cheers from other participants with only two players left. In the end, car dealer Jo Jin Hyeong progressed to the final round.

Park Jin Yong Who Makes Everything Possible

The first quest saw contestants having until the three-minute timer runs out to snatch and latch onto the ball located in the center of the stadium. The challenge had two different arenas waiting for the contestants, and the agile who chose the obstacle-filled playground  added more fun to the show as they were faced with various obstacles. Although Jeon Young, a film choreographer of Train to Busan and Kingdom, was eliminated in the game, he managed to show his agility like a living zombie. The second game dubbed “The Fire of Prometheus” was to test agility. The game took the players through a series of obstacle courses before grabbing a torch. National luge player Park Jin Yong shined with his agility in this game and became part of the final-line up.

Kim Min Cheol Who Appears Weak Yet Strong

The first episode of Physical: 100 began with participants taking the pre-request mission where they suspend themselves from the bar as long as possible. Such a mission challenged the existing prejudice that whoever is bulky and masculine would have it over others in all missions. Surprisingly, the relatively light-weighted players including national gymnast Yang Hak Seon were revealed to perform better in this quest. Among them, mountain rescuer and ice climber Kim Min Cheol lasted in the task for more than fifteen minutes and took first place. Being the number one with a head start, he chose to play the “Wings of Icarus” game in Quest 4, where he could play to his strengths. He effortlessly completed the mission of repeatedly climbing the descending rope and joined the final lineup.

Woo Jin Yong Who Never Makes a Stop Until It Is Over

“The Tail of Ouroboros” is a game in which four people run around a closed-loop track while tagging the person in front without being tagged. Maintaining staying power is essential in this task as participants are required to run more than ten laps at a steady pace. Crossfit athlete Woo Jin Jong made it to the final round as he boasted a spurt at the last minute, like a lion hunting for an impala. 

Yun Sung Bin vs Jung Hae Min, Who Will Be in the Final Stage?

MMA fighter Choo Sung Hoon, who is the oldest of all contestants, took the spotlight when he first appeared alongside other ninety nine participants. In the first “snatching ball” quest, he heightened the tension by playing a game according to the MMA rules as the opponent suggested. He was seen often leading his team to victory in the following team quests before advancing to the “Punishment of Sisyphus”. 

Unexpectedly, the legendary MMA fighter got eliminated before moving onto the final stage, leaving only two players in battle: professional cyclist Jung Hae Min and skeleton racer Yun Sung Bin. The person who lasts the longest while rolling a 220 pound boulder up and over a steep hill will progress to the final round. Yun Sung Bin previously showed off his extraordinary jumping skills with much confidence while Hae Min is well known for his great endurance and strength. Then, who will be competing against the rest of the contestants on the final list – including Jo Jin Hyeong, Park Jin Yong, Kim Min Cheol and Woo Jin Yong? Expectations are high on who will end up taking the trophy in the final episode, which will air on February 21st.


Editor Seo Hayne: I like actors as they faithfully lead through their long running-time. I also like idols who accomplish everything on stage within 3 minutes.

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