Song Joong Ki and Katy Louise Saunders Have Reportedly Seen Each Other for More Than 3 Years

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Credit: HighZium Studio, Katy Louise Saunders Facebook

Reports say that Song Joong Ki never hid his love for Katy Louise Saunders.

Yesterday, former reporter and current Youtuber Lee Jin Ho uploaded a video on his YouTube channel. He said, “Song Joong Ki announced his marriage to British actress Katy Louise Saunders and his impending fatherhood. On December 26th, 2022, the actor was reported to be in a relationship with the actress, and he only acknowledged the report without mentioning any details.” The YouTuber added, “He did not speak of any details because he knew whatever he said would get him involved in rumors. According to a source, Song Joong Ki wanted to share his marriage news with the public after being officially married to her.”

The former reporter also commented on his wife who is rumored to have a daughter. Last month, a photo of her taken in March 2012 quickly spread online as it showed her having a baby bump at a fashion event held in Italy.

Two months later in May, the English woman was captured at a French jewellery show – this time without the bump. This made people confused and speculate she might have already given birth between March and May 2012. 

Regarding this, Lee Jin Ho explained, “It is hard to know the real story of what actually went down between the two as she is not from South Korea. After reviewing various reports, the child in the picture turned out to be her friend’s daughter. However, since the actor himself didn’t  acknowledge any speculations, I’m assuming there is a difficult-to-talk-about personal matter related to her child status.”

The YouTuber also shared that Song Joong Ki did not hesitate to show his love for his wife Katy. 

“The actor had a get-together with the cast and crew of his upcoming movie, Ro Ki Wan (literal title) when the dating rumors broke out,” he remarked. “There, he reportedly showed a photo of Katy to his colleagues and said, ‘I’m dating this person,’ which made everyone very surprised. According to a staff member who was at the scene, he did not say a word about his marriage or her pregnancy there.”

The YouTuber also explained that the couple has been together longer than what was originally reported. “Song Joong Ki told his fellow actors that he was dating Katy for almost three years. He must have wanted to be more cautious about going public with the relationship,” he stated. 

His agency HighZium Studio said on the 30th, “Nothing has been reported regarding where they will reside after their marriage. The two will likely be moving back and forth between their home countries whenever their time allows.”

According to the agency, the two will have a wedding ceremony after she gives birth to her child, as Song Joong Ki is set to go overseas to film his upcoming movie.

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  • Congratulations and all my best wishes to Song Joong Ki and his new wife Katy. May they be happy and have a wonderful life together.

  • We wish them the very best. My husband and I are also a mixed marriage (Caucasian/Japanese) and I am so grateful to be married to such a remarkable person. Hopefully they will feel the same.

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