Writer Kim Eun Sook Says She Almost Added Song Hye Kyo and Lee Do Hyun’s Kiss Scene in ‘The Glory’

song hye kyo lee do hyun
song hye kyo lee do hyun
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The video that has The Glory cast and crew talking about the behind-the-scenes story became a hot topic.

Throughout the video, Writer Kim Eun Sook talked about Song Hye Kyo‘s impressive performance. But the scene that she liked the most was Joo Yeo Jeong (Lee Do Hyun) and Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo) scene in episode 5 where he tells her, “Do everything you want to do. But you should date me too. I’d make you happy,” and Dong Eun responds by laughing.

“Dong Eun looks sad whenever she smiles. This scene made me sad too,” Writer Kim shared. “This sometimes happens when I’m writing. I wrote a 16-episode series because I had an idea of the ending scene to put in episode 16. This was the first scene I thought of when I thought of Yeo Jeong and Dong Eun.” She explained, “I just thought of Yeo Jeong as the executioner – the executioner wielding the knife, and Dong Eun was the one who didn’t need a prince. With this one scene, Dong Eun and Yeo Jeong were created.”

In The Glory, which is rampant with violence, cuss words, and bloody, adulterous scenes, Lee Do Hyun couldn’t help but feel that he was out of place. “I asked the director, ‘I am filming The Glory, right?'” the actor recalled. “The scenes that Hye Kyo and I shot were very sweet. I felt like I was filming a romance genre by myself.” He then went on, “(The director) said it’s nice to make the scenes look pretty and lovely, but he often told me that he wanted them to look pitiful. He wanted people to feel sorry for us.”

Writer Kim chimed in, “If Director An didn’t stop me, episode 4 would’ve ended with a kiss scene. It’s a cardinal rule,” giving a big laugh. She continued, “But thanks to that, I think we ended up with the coolest couple of all the couples I’ve created.”

The writer later mentioned the scene where Moon Dong Eun showed her body full of scars to Joo Yeo Jeong. She recalled, “I had that scene in mind from the start, so when we offered the role to Hye Kyo, I told her that I really needed that scene. But it might be uncomfortable for her, so I asked if that was okay with her. She asked me to give her two months, saying, ‘I have to lose more weight.’ She wanted to look emaciated and small instead of looking pretty in that scene.” She added, “I was so grateful for her efforts and also felt bad. So it really made me tear up when I saw the completed version of the scene.”

Song Hye Kyo explained, “I thought I shouldn’t look pretty. Firstly, after I got the role of Dong Eun, looking pretty was never on my mind. She didn’t have the time or energy to take care of her appearance.” The actress elaborated, “For this scene, I wanted the viewers to feel bad for her when they see her skinny body instead of something pretty. Since this was filmed during the pandemic, sometimes the filming got postponed, so the days of eating konjac rice got extended too.”

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  • The Glory is really fit for song hye kyo and lee do hyun,,i’m looking forward for the season 2, it was far more different from other roles that song hye kyo had done,,,a real versatile actress👏👍

  • I love the scene when she showed him all the iron marks in her body. And he just shed tears and said I will do it. I will become your executioner. Two broken hearted people they just fit in..

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