Insiders Hint a Different Ending for ‘Reborn Rich’ from the Original Novel

reborn rich ending
reborn rich ending
Credit: JTBC

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JTBC’s Reborn Rich has become the hottest topic. With only two episodes remaining, the focus is now on how Jin Do Jun (Song Joong Ki) will finish his revenge.

Even the JTBC PR team was previewed up to episode 15. The team member shared, “We’ve been asked so many questions from our family, friends, and even network staff, but we haven’t seen the final episode either, so we don’t know how the drama ends.”

But from the information gathered, the ending has two major points. First, it’s different from the original novel. The original work ended with Do Jun marrying Seo Min Young (Shin Hyun Bin) as the new chairman of Sunyung Group and mourning Yoon Hyun Woo’s death on the cliff where he was killed. The villain that killed his old self is sent to prison.

reborn rich ending
Credit: JTBC

But Writer Kim Tae Hee is said to have chosen an open ending that doesn’t deviate too much from the original ending. Do Jun will get his revenge, presenting a catharsis, but whether he takes control over the group or not and the ending for the villains weren’t drawn out in detail, insiders say.

Second, there’s an unexpected twist. An official from SLL shared, “A predictable ending was not an option from the beginning. There’s a big twist on the way.”

Another official said, “Do Jun and Min Young have a happy ending, but they don’t get married.” They also brought up criticism toward their love story. “I agree to some extent that their romance breaks the flow of the play. But the narrative got messed up a bit because the later episodes were penned while filming, and there was an unfortunate event of having to edit out some scenes that’d have built up their romance.”

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