IVE Dishes on Winning 2022 AAA and MAMA Grand Prizes Just a Year After Their Debut

ive interview
ive interview
Credit: Vogue Korea

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IVE made the cover of the New Year issue of Vogue Korea.

On the 20th, Vogue Korea released a pictorial and interview with the super rookie group IVE. The girls exuded chic and charismatic charms in black outfits.

Earlier, IVE took home both Best New Artist and Grand Prize from the 2022 AAA and 2022 MAMA. “It didn’t feel real,” An Yujin recalled. “The moment IVE was called out, all I could think was, ‘This must be a dream.'”

Gaeul chimed in, “After we won the Best New Artist and Grand Prize together, I asked myself if I was ready to move on to the next level. Winning the grand prize is such a big thing that it can become a career goal for many, but thankfully, we achieved it in a short time. Now that we won the award, this isn’t the end for us, and now I’m thinking about how to move forward from here.”

ive interview
Credit: Vogue Korea
ive interview
Credit: Vogue Korea

Throughout the photoshoot, IVE gave off a vibe of a group of “calm” girls. “We’re quite quiet in our house as well. We have busy schedules, so we try to respect each other’s time,” An Yujin shared, adding that they try to listen and gather opinions.

Jang Wonyoung commented, “I am thinking about what ultimate happiness is. My job is to deliver energy and happiness to people but to do so, I think I must have happy energy in me first.”

Lastly, An Yujin showed belief in her group and her staff. “It’s true that we received so much love in a short period of time, but behind that is our efforts and staff who support IVE,” she said. “So rather than feeling anxious, we want to prove to those who think ‘Is it possible for them to go any higher?’ that they’re wrong.”

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