A Medical Expert Shares Her Opinion on BLACKPINK’s Jisoo’s Lump

jisoo health condition
jisoo health condition
Credit: Jisoo Instagram

There is a rising concern about BLACKPINK’s Jisoo‘s state of health and a Korean surgeon speculated that she might have an epidermal cyst on her neck.

Earlier on, many fans showed their concerns about her health after coming across a photo of her with a large lump on her neck. On November 4th, YG Entertainment officially announced, “Jisoo has no health issues,” amid growing concerns.

Lee Sera, vice president of the Korean Society of Surgeons, shared her medical opinion about the lump on her YouTube channel named Medical Channel After the Rain (literal translation) and said that the singer may have an epidermal cyst.

The surgeon appeared in a video titled How to Identify a Malignant Lump on the Neck by Its Shape and claimed, “The lump on Jisoo’s neck has a 99.99% chance of being an epidermal cyst.”

She stated, “If you feel a lump on your neck, it’s most likely one of the three most common diseases: epidermal cyst, lipoma and lymphadenitis. If you consider the idol’s age or the location and shape of her lump, the possibility of that being an epidermal cyst is high.”

“Jisoo’s is highly likely to be benign, but epidermal cysts often grow in size. If the tumor is left unattended, it is highly likely to cause infection and leave a lot of scars,” she warned, referring to Han Ye Seul’s case. “Previously, a celebrity underwent a medical for lipoma removal to reduce scars only to make them bigger. Whether it is malignant or benign, it is best to find a proper hospital to receive surgery when the size is not large,” she advised. 

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