DKZ’s Next Goal Is to Perform at the 2022 MBC Music Festival

Credit: MBC

DKZ appeared on Idol Radio Season 3 on October 24th and performed “Crazy Night.”

Mingyu, who shared his goal of winning first place on a music show on his latest appearance on Idol Radio, said, “We will work hard to become a global group. I hope we will be able to partake in the MBC’s year-end music festival this coming December.” 

DKZ then introduced their new song, “Uh-Heung,” which refers to the growling sound that tigers make while pouncing. They explained, “Everyone is afraid of tigers. The tiger has a strong and tough image, so we chose them over other animals.” Se Hyeon shared a fun story behind the new song’s name: “I’ve heard a lot that I look soft and docile, so I practiced sticking out my teeth in front of the mirror, like a tiger does.”

The boy band also tried to teach their key choreographies to the MCs, while warning them, “When I first got the choreography, I thought it was cool, but I also thought it was so difficult. I literally thought, ‘Who could possibly do this?’ So I am so sorry to bring these difficult dance moves for you to learn.” A few moments later, Hong Joong and Yun Ho made everyone laugh by giving up learning the moves, saying, “I will be the first to give up.”

DKZ also shared how they prepared their performance for the new song. They revealed, “The entire choreography takes up a lot of energy from the beginning to the end. So we even had respirators on hand while shooting the MV.”

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