Kang Dong Won on Being a Producer for ‘Broker,’ Hopes for ‘Jeon Woochi 2,’ and More

kang dong won broker
kang dong won broker
Credit: BIFF

On the 9th, Kang Dong Won attended BIFF special talk program “Actors’ House” and shared his candid thoughts about his career, his movies, and more.

Broker was the first movie that acted as both an actor and a producer. “It’s been about seven years since the production (for Broker) has started, and I’ve been actively taking part in it since last year, and it’s finally bearing fruit now,” the actor shared. “Broker was my first project (as a producer), and the results it’s getting are not bad, so it’s really rewarding. I’ll continue to work hard as both an actor and a producer.”

Doesn’t being a producer make him want to maybe try being a director? “There’s so much stress I get from just being an actor, so I don’t have the confidence in becoming a director,” he replied. “If you direct a movie, you need to pay all your attention to it for two to three years, but I still have so much I want to do as an actor. But being a producer lets you work on various projects at once. Sometimes, I pity the directors, seeing how tough directing is.”

When talking about his filmography, Jeon Woochi can’t be left out. “I was still a rookie when I was filming Jeon Woochi, so there was stress and pressure in leading a blockbuster,” he commented. “Jeon Woochi was released with Avatar, so it was a bit disappointing. But I’d love to make Jeon Woochi 2.” He then jokingly added, “It’d be weird if Jeon Woochi looks too old. I hope I can make the sequel as soon as possible.”

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