What Makes Jennie So Special and Attractive? Decoding the BLACKPINK Member’s Face

blackpink jennie
blackpink jennie
Credit: Jennie Instagram

BLACKPINK topped the US Billboard 200 Chart last month. Reports say they became the first female group to top the chart in 14 years and a first Asian girl group to come on top of the Official U.K. Album chart as well as the American Billboard chart. Then, what makes the group so unique and popular? Some say that the secret to their success lies in their facial features. According to physiognomy, the general appearance gives an idea of ​​the moral and spiritual qualities of a person and their character. Although all BLACKPINK members have “good” facial features, according to physiognomy, we will be taking a closer look at Jennie’s face to unlock the mystery behind her success.

According to physiognomy experts, Jennie has unique facial features that make her stand out from other celebrities. Her features tell that she is born with a strong ‘artistic talent,’ which must have made her dream of becoming a celebrity from a young age. The study says that such people are highly likely to pursue a career related to entertainment or show business.

blackpink jennie
Credit: YG entertainment

The expert stressed that it’s important to have Jennie’s face at the very beginning of any BLACKPINK music video, and explained that having her in the very first scene would raise the chance of the new track’s success as she naturally grabs the audience’s attention. Whenever she makes an appearance, she steals the show, and such a phenomenon helps the group with their album sales. There is no doubt that her overwhelmingly beautiful face plays a big role in the group’s success.

Despite being surrounded by the blazing spotlights, Jennie gives off a “cool” vibe and energy. In Asian culture, a person giving off an icy and cool vibe doesn’t always mean good, but the expert said that such a vibe boosts her popularity as the energy easily makes her more attractive and desirable to others. The most distinctive energy she exudes is the “sexiness” behind the shyness that she only shows off on stage, and such a feel does not seem like it is artificially created or freely controlled by the artist. Thus, it is hard for us to notice such a feel in her daily life as she only exudes it on stage.

She is unique in that she garners more attention when not smiling. Having the lowered corners of lips means great luck and opportunity, and according to the expert, her group’s success, as well as hers, will continue for sure if she sticks with the chic and sexy look throughout her career.

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