‘Little Women’ Episode 2 Recap: A Series of Death, Heightening Mystery

Little Women Episode 2 Recap
Little Women Episode 2 Recap
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Episode 2 of tvN weekend series Little Women showed Oh In Ju (Kim Go Eun) and Oh In Kyung (Nam Ji Hyun) struggling to find the truth.

After seeing the 2 billion KRW (about $1.46 million) Jin Hwa Young (Choo Ja Hyun) left for her, Oh In Ju suspects that her death might not be a suicide. Trying to find the answer, she helps Shin Hyun Min (Oh Jung Se) and Choi Do Il (Wi Ha Jun) find the slush fund and ultimately figures out her double life.

The more she dug into Jin Hwa Young’s life, the more she became sure that she had an affair with Shin Hyun Min. In the meantime, Choi Do Il notices that Jin Hwa Young went to Switzerland instead of Shin Hyun Min. What’s been revealed so far is that Jin Hwa Young transferred 70 billion KRW (about $51 million) there and was found dead after returning home. The two of them agreed that all of this might just be Shin Hyun Min’s ploy.

Soon, Oh In Ju finds out about Yang Hyang Sook, who died just like Jin Hwa Young. Dragging economically vulnerable and socially awkward employees into taking part in the embezzlement, then making them “commit suicide” after holding them accountable – that’s Shin Hyun Min’s trick, according to Choi Do Il. Oh In Ju tries to report everything to the police, but Choi Do Il stops her, saying that they can’t recover the money once the police intervene.

Oh In Ju finds herself conflicted. If she just buries everything, then she can keep 2 billion KRW. But she heads to see Shin Hyun Min again since all evidence points to him, only to face a shocking scene – the car Shin Hyun Min was riding in plunged out of the parking tower. Before dying in the sudden accident, Shin Hyun Min leaves behind the meaningful last words, “There’s someone high up above us.”

Meanwhile, Oh In Kyung was seen continuing her investigation even after getting suspended. She approaches the nephew of Kim Dal Su, who defended Park Jae Sang (Um Ki Joon) in the Bobae Savings Bank case. However, he didn’t show up at the meet-up because he got into an accident right before reaching the destination. On top of everything, Oh In Kyung faces another shocking truth – Park Hyo Rin (Jeon Chae Un) won the grand prize in an art contest by using the painting that Oh In Hye (Park Ji Hu) drew. The dangerous relationship between Oh In Hye and Park Jae Sang’s daughter Park Hyo Rin has doubled the tension in the play.

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