WINNER Comes Under Fire Over Their Remarks on #ILoveUChallenge and Its Participants

winner members
winner members
Credit: Dingo

On August 22nd, WINNER reunited for Tipsy Live 2 on Dingo, and the members have come under fire over the remarks they made in the clip.

Tipsy Live is a YouTube content that features artists singing their songs while drinking together. The latest video had WINNER talking about their #ILoveUChallenge and its participants. Kang Seung Yoon claimed, “Music programs these days are slaves to the dance challenges. Every single one of them that you go on these days.” Lee Seung Hoon agreed and said, “The way I see it is that the challenges are just an excuse. There are flirtatious sparks flying hidden within those challenges,” and continued, “I felt like I received one. Maybe it’s just me assuming, but I feel like I got a few from a few people.”

Mino and Seung Yoon then asked Seung Hoon who and what made him feel that way, to which he replied, “Several female artists.” However, Kim Jin Woo quickly jumped by saying, “From a guy?,” causing their excitement to fizz out.

After the video got released, fans raised their concerns over the group’s inconsiderate remarks toward the artists who agreed to join their dance challenge. People are pointing out that the group should have been more careful about mentioning them in public.

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