‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ Episode 14 Recap: Park Eun Bin Breaks Up With Kang Tae Oh

Extraordinary Attorney Woo ep 14
Extraordinary Attorney Woo ep 14
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Episode 14 of Extraordinary Attorney Woo shocked many viewers and drew mixed reviews for its unexpected storyline.

The latest episode had Jung Myung Seok (played by Kang Ki Young) diagnosed with stage 3 stomach cancer. When Hanbada’s attorneys visited him in the hospital, Myung Seok was seen having a phone call with Han Seon Young (Baek Ji Won). At the end of the conversation, he reassured her by saying, “Mine is not even stage four. It’s stage three, so it should be fine.” Seeing him unaware of the seriousness of his illness, Woo Young Woo (Park Eun Bin) pointed out, “You shouldn’t be thinking it’ll be okay because it’s stage three,” and added, “the five-year survival rate is only about 30 to 40 percent.” Thinking that attorney Jung’s days might be numbered, she thought of the idea of bringing him his favorite meal from Haengbook Noodle. Although the attorneys learned that store was currently out of business, they decided to find the owner of the store.

In the meantime, Young Woo was seen thinking about �what Lee Jun Ho (Kang Tae Oh)’s sister said to him as it lingered in her mind. Eventually, she made up her mind to break up with him and told him, “I don’t think you and I should date,” and broke his heart.

The fourteenth episode also teased the burgeoning romance between Kwon Min Woo (Ju Jong Hyuk) and Choi Soo Yeon (Ha Yoon Kyung) as he got upfront about his feelings and asked her, “Do you like me?.” The episode ended with Hanbada’s CEO tipping off a reporter about Tae Soo Mi’s (Jin Kyung) secret daughter.

As the episode surprised viewers with a series of unexpected events, viewers were split in their opinion of the show. Some criticized, “Jung Myung Seok getting cancer was so abrupt,” “things have now gone way overboard,” “This drama is being cramped with cliches,” “What happened to the show I loved,” and “The cancer diagnosis and the romance between Soo Yeon and Min Woo drove me away from the show.” However, there were some positive reviews where people said, “I am curious about what will happen next,” and “I am still enjoying the show. Cannot wait to see the next episode.”

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