‘Yumi’s Cells’ Director and Writers Mention Season 3 and Actor Who’ll Play Soon Rok Character

Yumis Cells season 3
Yumis Cells season 3
Credit: TVING

Yumi’s Cells crew – director Lee Sang Yeob and writers Song Jae Jung and Kim Kyung Ran – talked about finishing another satisfying season.

In an interview conducted with a media outlet, they shared behind-the-stories about season 2 and the possible production of season 3.

One thing about Bobby, played by Jinyoung, is that he was a bit different from the original character in the webtoon. There were many scenes in the drama that were originally Sook Rok’s episodes in the webtoon. “We stayed faithful to creating the images in season 1 and therefore took the episodes exactly as they were in the webtoon,” Song explained. “But we thought that things would get dull if we took the same stance in season 2. Also, there weren’t many expectations for season 2 because people showed negative reactions to the character of Bobby.”

She continued, “So we took some of Soon Rok’s episodes to make people think, ‘The story might not be about Bobby (from the webtoon).’ But we are sorry that we’ve disappointed Soon Rok’s fans. But we wanted the drama to be taken as a drama (not a webtoon).”

Yumis Cells season 3
Credit: TVING

They also mentioned the possibility of producing season 3. “The original webtoon was an amazing piece of work, so we had fun turning it into a drama. But a downside of that is that there’s no tension because the webtoon is so famous,” Song shared. “If we actually do make season 3, there will be more variations in the character of Soon Rok.”

Another big question that follows, of course, is who’ll play Soon Rok. “Things will go mad when we announce who we’re considering,” Lee jokingly responded. “When we were talking, we said that Ahn Bo Hyun and Jinyoung did such great jobs that season 3 will only work if we cast someone like Timothee Chalamet.” He added, “Soon Rok has it all. He’s tall and handsome, but he covers it all up. He’s a character who knows the value of things he like, so we want that part to come alive.”

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