Jung Eugene Shares Her Struggles Playing a Villain in Netflix’s ‘Remarriage & Desires’

remarriage and desires Jung Eugene
remarriage and desires Jung Eugene
Credit: Netflix

Jung Eugene shared her struggles playing a villainous character in Netflix’s Remarriage & Desires.

The actress stars in the series as a lawyer named Jin Yoo Hee who uses every means to get what she wants, even if it means abetting a murder. She remarked, “I played many female antagonists who have a crush on male protagonists and bully female leads, but Jin Yoo Hee is the worst one as she commits crimes to achieve whatever she wants. The director once gave me a piece of advice, saying, ‘I want you to play a new type of villain and come up with one that we’ve never seen before.’ I worried a lot, but I loved Jin Yoo Hee’s backstory. The hardest thing was to play this character with a more relaxed manner and tone as the director had suggested.”

Eugene also shared what was challenging about bringing the character to life, saying, “My eyes started to hurt as I continued to film those rage scenes. I suffered a lot from headaches. While filming, I couldn’t feel my eyes turning red as I was too focused to use my entire face to get the right emotion. I remember that Lee Hyun Wook once said, ‘I can see your eyes turning red, which means you are doing a great job.’ I feel grateful for what he said, but I still had those eye pains and headaches throughout the shooting.”

She jokingly added, “I remember the comment that said, ‘That piercing gaze of her must’ve made her eyes 2mm longer than they were before.”

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  • She bodied the FUCK out of this role – favorite villainess of any show I’ve watched in the last two years, minus Ruth Wilson in His Dark Materials.

    The show was pretty over-the-top and its plot was unrealistic at many different points (some really big plot holes) since they were rushing a little bit to fit this into the 8-ep miniseries format AND trying to make it edgy. But Jung Eugene was magnetic in almost every scene she was part of – in turns ruthless, selfish all over this brokenness her character was being driven (being rejected by her father).

    Super psyched to see what else she’ll be in!

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