‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ Director Shares What to Look for In the Coming Episodes

Extraordinary Attorney Woo
Extraordinary Attorney Woo
Credit: ENA

ENA’s Extraordinary Attorney Woo continues to be on a record-breaking streak. Director Yoo In Sik mentioned the romance between the characters Woo Young Woo (Park Eun Bin) and Lee Jun Ho (Kang Tae Oh).

Extraordinary Attorney Woo, which premiered on June 29th, tells the story of brilliant attorney Woo Young Woo tackling challenges in the courtroom and beyond as a newbie at a top law firm and a woman on the autism spectrum. Starting with 0.9% viewer ratings, the drama skyrocketed to 9.6% in just six episodes.

“I’m stunned by the enthusiastic response that far exceeded my expectations,” Director Yoo In Sik shared. “I’m moved and grateful that you’ve connected with the simple story we’ve prepared. I started this project thinking that it’d be nice to create a flower garden where people come to visit and rest, but it feels like the entire field is blooming in an instant. The field in viewers’ hearts seems much wider and more fertile than we ever thought.”

Extraordinary Attorney Woo
Credit: TV Report

He also talked about the key points to look for in the coming episodes. “Young Woo faces many missions,” he said. “In the process of resolving them, she encounters the great mountain called life and experiences the joys and sorrows of love. But as always, she’ll courageously and as a ‘wild card’ to find the answer to the question with no answer – ‘What’s a good lawyer?’ So please cheer on Young Woo.”

“Also, Young Woo and Jun Ho’s quirk dates, the Hanbada family’s growth, Young Woo’s father’s story, and Geurami’s off-the-wall tips for Young Woo will be very fun as well,” he continued. “New whales that haven’t appeared yet will also show up here and there, so please welcome them as well.”

Meanwhile, Extraordinary Attorney Woo finished filming on the 14th.

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