From Wire Fu to Car Chasing: Colorful Action Scenes in ‘Alienoid’ Raise Expectations

Kmovie Alienoid Kim Woo Bin
Kmovie Alienoid Kim Woo Bin
Credit: CJ ENM

The Alienoid cast challenged all kinds of action scenes for the movie.

Alienoid Part One follows a group of Taoists from the Goryeo dynasty who mistakenly open a time portal in search of a legendary sword. The portal connects them to humans from 2022, who are tasked with finding an extraterrestrial prisoner locked in a human body.

For this unique movie that connects the past and present and encompasses action, SF, and fantasy genres, the Alienoid cast went through tough action training to pull off various techniques such as wire fu, and martial arts.

Ryu Jun Yeol shared, “I’ve put in so much effort into action scenes that I even thought that I’d become an action star while preparing for the movie.” From martial arts to sword fighting, the actor pulled his weight to play Mureuk, a clumsy swordsman. Moreover, Kim Woo Bin, who plays Guard that manages alien prisoners, put on the motion capture suit for his scenes. “At the beginning, I didn’t have that many action scenes. But the more I filmed, the more I wanted, so I ended up pulling off intense action sequences like wire fu.”

Kmovie Alienoid Kim Woo Bin
Credit: CJ ENM

Kim Tae Ri completed her character Yi An, a mysterious woman who shoots thunder, by learning shooting and artistic gymnastics. Additionally, So Ji Sub, playing the role of Moon Do Seok, a detective chased by aliens for reasons unknown, pulled off intense and dynamic actions such as bare-handed fights and car chasing.

Meanwhile, this new SF fantasy movie Alienoid will hit the screen on July 20th.


Credit: CJ ENM

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