‘Alienoid’ Director Share How Kim Woo Bin Joined the Movie and Pulled off His Extreme Stunts

Kim Woo Bin Alienoid
Kim Woo Bin Alienoid
Credit: SBS

Director Choi Dong Hoon shared the story behind Kim Woo Bin‘s appearance on Alienoid.

The director said, “I was going to work with the actor six years ago. But I could not do so as he became ill.” The movie he mentioned was Do-cheong, which is a Korean remake of the 2009 Chinese film Overheard. However, the filming was postponed after the star was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer in 2017. The time had come for the director to find another actor to play his part, but he didn’t do so as he chose to wait for Kim to recover his health. However, things didn’t work out as he expected as it took longer for the actor to regain his health. Therefore, he started writing a new project about an alien after dismissing the previous production.

The director said, “When I was working on the script for Alienoid, Kim Woo Bin told me that he would be happy to play a minor role in the new movie. So I offered him the role of Guard. Although his role was initially small, it grew and became a significant part of the project.”

The upcoming work is a sci-fi action movie. The actor candidly revealed his state of health and said it would be difficult for him to do extreme stunt work. Hearing him, the director said he assured him that “there wouldn’t be a stunt work for him.” However, he shared that he added some action scenes for the actor throughout its development process. Director Choi commented, “Since Woo Bin joined the work after fully recovering his health, he was able to perform some intense stunts. After all, he did an awesome job with the scenes, and we all had fun.”

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