‘The Roundup’ Attracts a Total of 3.55 Million Moviegoers at Impressive Speed

Ma Dong Seok The Roundup
Ma Dong Seok The Roundup
Credit: Megabox Plus M

The Roundup debuted at the number one spot in its first weekend, attracting 3.55 million moviegoers to cinemas.

This mega-hit movie broke the record of Marvel’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which drew 3.49 million people in audience on its opening week after its release on May 5th. The new sequel shattered the opening week record of The Frozen 2 at the box office as it saw record-breaking audience growth.

The sequel to the 2017 hit film The Outlaws easily surpassed the opening week record of Extreme Job, the second-largest box office hit ever that attracted 3.14 million moviegoers in its first week and racked up a total of 16 million spectators throughout its run in theaters.

The new movie is crushing the box office numbers by captivating 1 million moviegoers on its second day, 2 million on its fourth day and 3 million on its fifth day of release. It is anticipated to break the record of Peninsula, which had a total of 3.81 million viewers during its run in cinemas.

The Roundup tells the story of detective Ma Seok Do (played by Ma Dong Seok) and his team heading to Vietnam to extradite a suspect named Kang Hae-sang (Son Seok Koo).

For more info about the movie visit 815 Pictures.

Source: Megabox Plus M


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