Lee Jin Wook Becomes a Passionate Romantic in a New Kakao TV Series

Credit: Kakako TV

Lee Jin Wook‘s still photos for the new Kakao TV original series Marriage White Paper were unveiled.

Marriage White Paper is a romance series that follows a couple in their 30s as they prepare for their marriage, which they believe to be the start of their happily ever after. For the project, Lee Jin Wook has returned as Seo Jun Hyung, a passionate romantic with idealistic views of marriage.

Seo Jun Hyung is a pleasant and optimistic person who went to a good college and then got a good job at a great company. He’s also frank and straightforward in love as well. Above all, he’s a romantic who does anything his girlfriend asks him to do. The released photos show Jun Hyung’s smile as he thinks about his girlfriend during his busy day. From his clean-cut style to his romantic aura, it makes viewers wonder what it’ll be like to marry a guy like him.

However, the problem is that marriage isn’t a fairytale but a reality. From family meetings to preparing wedding gifts, Marriage White Paper will tell various episodes that all couples in Korea must have gone through at some point.

“From his honey-dripping voice and eyes to his heart-melting smile and his childlike charm, Lee Jin Wook was full of romantic energy at the site. I’m sure you’ll see the ‘rom-com king’ side of the actor through Marriage White Paper,” the production team shared. “On top of that, he will also show his human charm as he tries to resolve the obstacles he faces while facing the reality of marriage. Will Seo Jun Hyung be able to walk down the aisle successfully? Please show your interest.”

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