Seolhyun Shares Why She Chose to Star In ‘The Killer’s Shopping List,’ Her Chemistry With Lee Kwang Soo and Jin Hee Kyung

Seolhyun The Killers Shopping List
Seolhyun The Killers Shopping List
Credit: tvN

Seolhyun shared why she chose to star in tvN’s upcoming drama The Killer’s Shopping List.

The Killer’s Shopping List is a comedy-mystery thriller that revolves around a cashier, supermarket owner and a local sheriff in an ordinary neighborhood in Seoul. When a suspicious body is discovered near an apartment complex, a supermarket receipt becomes a critical piece of evidence that kicks off a thrilling hunt for the killer.

The female star will take on the role of a cop named Do Ah Hee who dates Ahn Dae Sang (played by Lee Kwang Soo).

The actress shared the reason she chose to star in this drama. She said, “I loved how the story follows a small receipt to track down a murderer.” She added, “I was attracted to the role of Do Ah Hee because she is a young professional cop who wants to protect her neighborhood and her boyfriend.”

She continued, “I’m about 50 percent similar to my character of Ah Hee. She’s a kind of a girl who just has to say what needs to be said, but I’m not like that. I found her character intriguing as she’s got something that I don’t have.”

The female celebrity is now working with Lee Kwang Soo and Jin Hee Kyung as they each play her boyfriend and his mother. Regarding the two, she shared, “Jin Hee Kyung always tells me to follow my heart when there are things I’d like to do. Lee Kwang Soo creates an environment where everyone can feel at home. Whenever I need help with my acting, he is always there to help me out and listen to my concerns.”

The star closed off the interview by saying, “Every character has their own secret. I hope you look forward to seeing how we find the culprit by piecing together crucial clues, and how each character reveals their secret.”

The new tvN drama will premiere on April 27th.

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