Park Hyung Sik and Han So Hee Share Their Thoughts on Each Other, Unrequited Love and More

Park Hyung Sik Han So Hee
Park Hyung Sik Han So Hee
Credit: Disney Plus

On the morning of the 23rd, Disney Plus had a press conference for its upcoming television series, Soundtrack#1. The event was attended by Park Hyung Sik and Han So Hee.

Park Hyung Sik shared, “When I first heard that Han So Hee was in it, I was curious about how we would look together on the show and wondered how we should approach the scenes together. I knew that her previous works were strong, so I got all excited about us trying this new genre together. As I joined her, I became convinced that she was an incredibly talented actress who deserves all the love and anticipation.”

Han So Hee also made a complimentary remark on her co-star, saying, “I was looking forward to it a lot. I’ve had many people tell me that he is a great person. And he was just as I heard. He treated me so nicely respectfully. Although I was a little shy around him, he approached me first and got us to talk. He is a lovely person to have on set and now I kind of get what the director means when he says, ‘You guys are so adorable.'”

When asked if he ever had a crush, Park Hyung Sik said, “I bet everyone has had a crush at some point in their lives. I even got dumped once.” He added, “I don’t have any longtime female friends, so I had to ask around and kind of get what it is like to have an opposite-sex friend. After all, we all share the same feeling when we fall in love.”

The two main casts also shared their thoughts on unrequited love. The actor compared unrequited love to “dark chocolate,” saying that love has its bitter and sweet side for him. On the other hand, his co-star compared it to an “instant food,” explaining that it is something that she has no choice but to continue digging into even though she knows it’s bad for herself.

When asked if she would choose love over friendship, Han So Hee replied, “I will definitely choose love.” Park Hyung Sik also added, “Ditto.”

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