‘Military Prosecutor Doberman’ Tells Thrilling Story of Heroes and the Worst Villain Imaginable

Kdrama Military Prosecutor Doberman

‘Military Prosecutor Doberman’ raised expectations for its unique subject that deals with the military and court at the same time.

Kdrama Military Prosecutor Doberman
Credit: tvN

tvN’s Military Prosecutor Doberman follows a military prosecutor named Do Be Man (Ahn Bo Hyun) who chose the job for money. After meeting Cha Woo In (Jo Bo Ah), another officer in military prosecution who enlisted for revenge, the two fight injustice in the military to become true prosecutors. The show held its press conference on the 23rd.

Director Jin Chang Gyu shared, “We deal with the unique theme of a military court, which wasn’t dealt with in Korean media. It’s a story of two people from completely different backgrounds meeting as military prosecutors, eradicating absurdity and corruption within the military, and even achieving their personal revenge.” He added, “You may think that our drama is going to be heavy since it’s a legal drama. But I’m trying to make it a cheery and light project. And the actors will showcase a completely different tone from what they’ve shown before.”

Kdrama Military Prosecutor Doberman
Credit: tvN

Ahn Bo Hyun plays Do Be Man, a man who only stays loyal to money. “I did think, ‘How can I pull off a legal genre? It’s going to be tough.’ However, I could feel the freshness of the material and the thrilling sensation beyond expectations in the script, which I’d never seen before. So even now, I’m doing my best filming, thinking that it might be a challenge for me,” he shared.

Jo Bo Ah said, “I had high expectations. And wearing the military uniform was comfortable but also got me a little tense. So it was easier for me to disappear into the role. I’ve gotten a lot of advice from people around me. It was easier for me to approach (the character) because I got to ask a lot of questions to those who served in the military.” The actress had shown a passion for the drama by cutting her hair short for the first time in her life.

Oh Yeon Soo plays division commander Noh Hwa Hyung, the psychopath-like villain. “I’ve never played a villain role before, so I studied a lot,” she explained. “She’s a character I’ve never seen or heard of before, so I watched a lot of videos that could help me. The director wanted a different tone from me, so that was quite tough too.”

Meanwhile, Military Prosecutor Doberman will premiere on the 28th.

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