Netflix’s ‘All of Us Are Dead’ Draws Mixed Reactions From Viewers for Its Sexually Explicit Scenes

All of Us Are Dead
All of Us Are Dead
Credit: Netflix

Netflix’s All of Us Are Dead has come under fire for including sexually disturbing scenes that were not included in the original work.

In the first episode, which had the problematic scene, two male students violently strip a female student half-naked and film her using their cellphones. In this particular scene, the girl is seen only wearing her skirts, covering her upper body with her arms. Lee Soo Hyuk (Park Solomon) then tries to help her, but she reluctantly goes back to the bullies and takes off her clothes as they threaten her with her pictures.

Viewers raised concerns about the inclusion of this scene, claiming that it sexually objectifies an underaged girl. Some even expressed concern that such scenes may encourage similar acts of violence in real life. The criticism intensified as it was revealed that the scenes were not in the original webtoon.

The show also included other sexually disturbing scenes of a minor carrying and giving birth to her baby. Viewers pointed out that the scene where her water breaks on the streets and where she delivers a baby �in a public bathroom was too much to watch on television.

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