Lee Se Young Says She Couldn’t Stop Crying While Reading the Script for ‘The Red Sleeve’

Lee Se Young The Red Sleeve
Lee Se Young The Red Sleeve
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Lee Se Young, who became the queen of period drama after starring in MBC’s The Red Sleeve, shared that she is overjoyed with all the love she’s been receiving in an online interview she had after the drama’s conclusion.


Q1. You’ve been dubbed “the queen of period drama” following the success of ‘The Crowned Clown’ and ‘The Red Sleeve.’

I didn’t expect The Red Sleeve to achieve such a mark (the rating of 17.4 percent) on its final episode, and I am very flattered by my new nickname. I’ll do my best to live up to it if I ever get the chance to work on more historical dramas in the future.

Q2. How did you feel when you first read the script?

I loved how it approached the relationship between the king and the court lady from a different angle. The king loved her, but whether she loved him back was open to speculation. Unlike the other characters I’ve played before, I tried to portray Deok Im as an insignificant, trivial woman with no power. I also tried to show that she has a lot of limitations and that there isn’t much she can do, although there are times when Deok Im shines on her own. I wanted her to be that way so that the viewers could pay more attention to the other characters. As to the original work and the script, I instantly fell in love with them when I first read them.

Q3. Did you know that Deok Im was going to die in the end?

The production told me that the script would have a similar ending to the original book. I kind of saw it coming when I first saw the posters. It said, “The moment soon became eternal.” I couldn’t stop crying while reading the script.

Q4. How did Junho feel about his bath scene?

Junho went through a lot while preparing for that scene. I felt bad and grateful for him at the same time because I knew that he was on a strict diet for that particular scene. I just tried not to stare at him and thought to myself, “Wow, it must be so hard for him.”

Q5. You made your debut back in 1997 and now you’re a veteran actor with 25 years of experience. With what mindset do you approach acting?

I could see myself still acting fifty years from now. I’m thrilled right now and sometimes I get very excited, but I try not to get too excited. People around me tell me to enjoy the moment, but I think the road ahead is long and rocky. Like Deok Im wishes her life to be, I want to have a steady and consistent career, and within the range, I wish to be a unique actor.

Q6. I’m sure there are many types of roles you would see yourself playing in the future.

I want to have a variety of experiences. I know I will have fewer regrets in the future if I experience things more now. I’m doing my best to survive in the industry as long as possible.

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  • I cried so much during The Red sleeves. Oh the acting was great but the leads were magnificent!! Their chemistry was amazing.

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