‘Special Delivery’ Gives a Glimpse into the Full Story of “Rapid, Power, and Match”

Park So Dam Special Delivery
 Park So Dam Special Delivery
Credit: NEW

Special Delivery dropped the “R.P.M behind-the-scenes clip,” where the synergy of thrilling action scenes and actors’ passion explode.

The upcoming crime-action flick revolves around a professional delivery expert named Eun Ha (Park So Dam). With her 100 percent success rate in speedily delivery, she takes on a new mission and soon gets caught up in an unexpected delivery accident. Today, the video highlighting the three keywords – rapid, power, and match – was unveiled.

The first keyword “rapid” gives a glimpse into the world of car-chasing action. Park So Dam shared, “We don’t see car drifts in our normal lives. put effort into preparing those professional skills.” In addition, the exhilarating car action showcases Eun Ha’s charisma unfolds in a variety of spaces. From narrow alleys and a parking structure to a 9-lane highway, the unique action scenes add to the expectations.

The second keyword “power” hints at the perfection of the action scenes. As director Park Dae Min said, “We wanted to create a new image for the movie,” the large outdoor set of Baekgang Industrial, a company specializing in express delivery, catches the eye. The detailed and giant filming set will make the scenes come alive.

The last keyword “match” heralds the perfect ensemble completed with actors’ brilliant performances. In particular, Park So Dam shared that she felt reassured when her fellow actors told her, “So Dam, we’ll help you,” raising expectations for their chemistry.

Meanwhile, Special Delivery will be released on January 12th.


Source: NEW

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