IVE’s Wonyoung Comes Under Fire for Her Insincere Attitude During “ELEVEN” Performance

IVE Wonyoung
IVE Wonyoung
Credit: Starship Entertainment

IVE’s Wonyoung faced criticisms for showing an insincere attitude during the “ELEVEN” performance.

On the 12th, a post pointing out Wonyoung’s sloppy dance during a performance drew attention on a popular online community. The post included clips of IVE’s “ELEVEN” debut performance on KBS’s Music Bank on December 3rd.

The writer stated that unlike the rest of the members, Wonyoung didn’t fully flip her head in the intro dance. The same thing happened during the main choreography. When other members swirled their heads around and got up, Wonyoung barely moved her head.

Some agreed that Wonyoung didn’t give her all during the group’s debut stage. They wrote comments like “That wasn’t professional” or “That was the official debut stage for other girls.” Some even praised another IZ*ONE member An Yujin, who perfectly pulled off all dance moves.

However, some defended the artist, saying that her hairstyle limited her from moving her head too much. These were some of the comments: “This is her first time facing an attitude controversy, and I don’t see the need to reprimand her.” “She is the emcee, so she clearly didn’t want to mess up her hair.”

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