Lee Ha Nee Spotted Leaving for the States With Her Boyfriend

Lee Ha Nee relationship
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Lee Ha Nee left for the States with her boyfriend. According to SPOTVNEWS, the actress boarded a flight soon after finishing her recently-ended hit series One the Woman.

The first thing Lee chose since finishing her drama was leaving for the States. As One the Woman gained huge popularity, even recording viewers ratings close to 20%, most of the actors conducted interviews with media outlets, marking the successful end. However, Lee Ha Nee, who was at the center of the craze, didn’t conduct any interviews. And this was the reason.

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Joining her on the trip was none other than her non-celebrity boyfriend. Since the two are at the best age to marry, rumors about their marriage surfaced as they left for the States together.

Recently, Lee’s mother, Moon Jae Sook, Korea’s intangible cultural asset No. 23, also mentioned her marriage, strengthening the rumors. Moon appeared on TV Chosun’s My Way and gave her daughter her mother’s ring. “I want you to feel the joy of being a woman and raising a child. I want you to be happy, both at work and in marriage,” she said.

Lee Ha Nee and her businessman boyfriend at the beginning of this year. The two came public with their relationship after the dating rumors hit the wire.


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