‘The Outlaws’ Officially Announces Its Grand Comeback with a Sequel in 2022

Ma Dong Seok The Outlaws2
Ma Dong Seok The Outlaws2
Credit: ABO Entertainment

Ma Dong Seok and The Outlaws are back.

On November 5th, ABO Entertainment dropped the launching poster and trailer. The Outlaws 2 is a sequel to The Outlaws, a legendary R-rated action movie.

The launching poster captures the overwhelming presence of Ma Dong Seok. On top of that, the caption, “Behind this tunnel is the city of outlaws,” heralds a grand comeback of detective Ma Suk Do, played by Ma Dong Seok, who has recently joined the Marvel universe as Gilgamesh.

Ma Dong Seok The Outlaws2
Credit: ABO Entertainment

And the trailer released together shows a glimpse into the powerful and intense barehanded action that only Ma Dong Seok can show, adding to the pleasure. In particular, the line, “If you feel like you’re going to die, press the bell. I’ll let you get off,” foretells an action catharsis that surpasses the first movie.


Previously, The Outlaws 2 made headlines when Ma Dong Seok, as well as Choi Gwi Hwa, Heo Dong Won, and Ha Joon, confirmed their comeback to the project. Additionally, D.P. actor Son Suk Ku newly joined the cast, adding fresh charm to the movie. The unprecedented Korean action franchise The Outlaws will showcase an even larger-scale and overwhelming operation of detectives in the sequel, presenting a different kind of fun.

Meanwhile, The Outlaws will be released in 2022.

Source: ABO Entertainment

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  • You can dub ‘W’ kdrama to english and release know..At least those casting will get some recognition instead of remaking such a long drama ..

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