Shin Min A and 3 Other Celebrities Who Donate Millions to Charity

korean celeb
korean celeb
Credit: KBS

KBS’ Entertainment Company Live introduced the four most charitable stars in Korea on October 15th.

To start off the list, Shin Min A donates 100 million won (approximately $84,584) to Burn Support Group every year. She and Kim Woo Bin also gave away an impressive 100 million won to charity. Up until now, she has made a total of 2.6 billion won ($2,199,700) worth of donations to support people in need.

Yoo Jae Seok is well-known for giving away millions to charities whenever a national crisis strikes Korea. Over the last eight years, he gave away more than 770,000 briquettes to the briquette bank, which he first came across in a variety show he starred in. He also raised more than 50 million won ($42,286) to support Utoro Village in Japan, and so far, he has made 3 billion won ($2,536,998) worth of donations to a great variety of charities.


Korea’s top singer IU is using her star power for good. She started donating to charities to commemorate the 1004th day of her debut, and since then, she has been giving away millions every year. She donated 500 million won ($422,793) to those in need last year on her birthday. This year, she gave away 850 million won($718,999) worth of goods and supplies to various charities and organizations on her 13th anniversary. So far, she has donated more than 3.5 billion won ($2,960,859) to causes she supports.

Jang Na Ra is a drama star with an even bigger history of charitable giving. The singer-turned-actor has donated all of the appearance fees she received starring her first commercial, drama series and movie. She is known for quietly giving away her money to those in need, even without revealing the number of donations she made. Up until now, she has given away more than 13 billion won ($10,997,377) to charitable organizations.


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