Why We Can’t Help But Fall in Love With ‘Miracle: Letters to the President’ Actress YoonA

YoonA Movie Miracle
YoonA Movie Miracle
Credit: Lotte Entertainment

YoonA is greeting the audience as Song Ra Hee in the movie Miracle: Letters to the President. The movie tells the story of a high school math prodigy who wants to build a way station in his town and the locals who help him. It’s YoonA’s 3rd movie.

In this work, YoonA so lovingly portrays confident and honest Song Ra Hee, receiving rave reviews. We picked out three strengths of YoonA that enlivened the movie.


Perfect Dialect that Even Lee Sung Min Praised

YoonA Movie Miracle
Credit: Lotte Entertainment

Since the movie is set in Bonghwa, Gyeongsangbuk-do, YoonA had to challenge acting with dialect for the first time. The actress referenced the winners of a dialect contest, recorded the script then memorized it as if she was singing the words, and sought advice from the teacher who stayed with the team throughout filming. After all these efforts, YoonA flawlessly pulled off the dialect used in Bonghwa. Lee Sung Min, whose hometown is Bonghwa, praised her dialect, saying, “She sounded so natural. The language that we use is unfamiliar to the audience. Also, the accent and words are very different, but YoonA’s dialect was superior.”


Unhindered Frankness

YoonA Movie Miracle
Credit: Lotte Entertainment

Song Ra Hee, played by YoonA, notices Joon Kyung’s (Park Jung Min) talents and takes the lead in making his dream come true. Based on Joon Kyung’s curiosity, Song leads him forward without hesitation. She provides laughter to the viewers with her chemistry with Joon Kyung, a math genius who’s clumsy at everything else, adding vitality to the movie. A lovely sister-in-law in Confidential Assignment, the courageous assistant manager in Exit, and smart intern reported in Hush. If you were pleased with YoonA playing bouncy and adventurous roles, you wouldn’t have any other choice but to fall for Song Ra Hee in Miracle: Letters to the President.


Looks Perfect with the 80s Fashion

Credit: Lotte Entertainment

YoonA’s looks particularly stand out in this movie as well. Since the movie is set in the 80s, she had to put on clothes with vivid colors and spice up the outfits with large ribbons, wide headbands, and polka dots accessories. Perfectly pulling off the 80s fashion, YoonA aroused various emotions and nostalgia for all those who remember those days. At the same time, she will be leading the retro craze among the current generation.

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