‘Reminiscence’ Review: The Most Original Movie of the Year

Movie Reminiscence Review
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It’s a very hard time for an original movie to be created right now. It’s hard for any movie to make its budget in the COVID era, let alone one that’s a completely original IP and costs $68 million. Despite all of the modern-day hurdles, Reminiscence �takes that chance.

The movie is possibly the most original movie of 2021. It takes place in a post-global warming Miami with a setting that’s depressingly beautiful. The moment you take a glance at the world, it’ll leave you immediately wanting more. You’ll want to explore this world, how it got to this point, and where it’s going. Hugh Jackman uses a contraption that allows people to re-live their memories like an addiction, where they keep coming back for more and more. On that surface-level world introduction, Reminiscence has so much going for it, and is incredibly intriguing.

Unfortunately, some of the execution isn’t quite as good as the world that was created. Jackman’s motivations and love interest could have definitely used more time than it was given in the film. It’s the type of movie that created such a beautiful world that it deserves far more time than a movie gives. Reminiscence may ultimately be better off a television show than a movie.

Despite its flaws, Reminiscence dares to take a challenge that very few movies do. Original movies are a dying breed in the film industry, with everything being based on comics, books, or remakes. Reminiscence may not be the greatest film of 2021, but it’s certainly the most ambitious. It deserves its criticism, but it definitely deserves a ton of praise.

Overall Grade: B

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