‘BLACKPINK THE MOVIE’ Attracts over 500K Moviegoers within 5 Days of Its Release


BLACKPINK’s film commemorating their 5th anniversary, BLACKPINK THE MOVIE, drew over 500K viewers within only five days after its release on August 4th.

Among the 100 countries showing the movie, Mexico, the United States, Turkey, Brazil, and Japan have the largest cumulative audience so far. And due to the COVID-19 deregulation in Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia, the movie is likely to be released in theaters at the end of August.

Meanwhile, attracting close to half a million audience, the reviews from all over the world have heated up online and heralded a global success of the movie.

Destiny Rogers, a famous pop artist in the United States, posted an honest review of the BLACKPINK THE MOVIE on his Twitter account, saying, ‘WHO’S SEEN THE @BLACKPINK MOVIE ????? I JUST SAW IT AND IM SO HAPPY FOR THEM ANFBJSBDSB.’ And countless Twitter users replied and expressed their desire to watch the movie.

Source: CJ 4DPLEX

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