[Weekly Up & Down] The 3 Hottest Trending Topics for the First Week of August: Ha Jung Woo, Kim Yong Gun & Park Yoo Chun

Ha Jung Woo Father Kim Yong Gun

Kim Yong Gun and His Son Ha Jung Woo Embroiled in Controversies

Ha Jung Woo Father Kim Yong Gun
Credit: iMBC, KBS

The public’s attention was focused on Kim Yong Gun‘s abortion scandal and Ha Jung Woo‘s illegal drug use.

On August 2nd, the news of Kim Yong Gun’s lawsuit hit the wire. The person who pressed charges against him is woman “A,” who is 39 years younger than him. “A,” who has been in a relationship with Kim since 2008, stated that she learned about her pregnancy earlier this year. However, Kim allegedly pressured her to have an abortion, and a dispute surfaced from that. Eventually, “A” filed a lawsuit against the actor for allegedly attempting to force her into an abortion. Later, Kim admitted to some of her claims and apologized.

Meanwhile, Kim’s son Ha Jung Woo is putting all his efforts into the upcoming trial related to the illegal use of propofol. This is because, on June 22nd, the court overturned a case that was likely to end with a summary offense. Now, the actor is facing a formal trial, and the first hearing will be held on August 10th. Since all of Ha’s works are either discussing the release date or in the middle of the production, attention is focused on his trial results.


Park Yoo Chun Wins Best Actor Award at the Las Vegas Asian Film Awards

Park Yoo Chun movie
Credit: iMBC

Park Yoo Chun won the Best Actor at Las Vegas Asian Film Awards with his film On the Edge. Previously, Park was accused of injecting illegal drugs, and he later announced that he would retire from the entertainment industry if found guilty. However, he took back what he said and filmed the movie, On the Edge. The film is about a man who has lost everything and a woman who has nothing to lose facing each other’s desperate lives.


Supernova’s Kwangsoo Rumored to Be Having an Affair with Japanese Actress

Credit: Joy News

Supernova’s Kwangsoo was caught up in rumors of having an affair with Japanese actress Ryoko Shinohara. On the 5th, Japanese media Shūkan Bunshun reported that Kwangsoo and Shinohara are dating and that he’s the reason Shinohara and Masachika Ichimura got divorced.

Shūkan Bunshun wrote, “Kwangsoo denied the relationship, but he was wearing an anklet that proves he’s an item with Shinohara on his left ankle.” According to the report, Shinohara also denied having an affair. Kwangsoo’s Korean agency Redwoods refuted the report, saying that it’s groundless.


‘Escape from Mogadishu’ Continues to Be on a Roll

Credit: Lotte Entertainment

Blockbuster Escape from Mogadishu, with a production cost of 24 billion KRW (about $21 million), maintained its top spot at the box office during the second weekend of its release. According to the Korean Film Commission, Escape from Mogadishu attracted 480,000 moviegoers during the weekend (6th to 8th), ranking 1st. Now, the cumulative audience stands at 1.7 million. The movie has landed at No. 1 on the box office for 12 days since its release on July 28th. Recently, the movie’s share in the total ticket sales has exceeded 50%.


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