Song Joong Ki Used His Influence to Give Voice to Others During His Self-Quarantine

Song Joong Ki
Song Joong Ki
Credit: HiSTORY D&C

Song Joong Ki‘s good deed went viral online.

Recently, Song delivered a promotional video of himself to the KIADA (Korea International Accessible Dance Festival). Regarding this 1-minute video, A wrote a lengthy post on an online community.

Introducing herself as a volunteer working at the KIADA, A wrote, “It is an event where children with congenital disease express their own emotions with their bodies. And those who have suffered an accident show a beautiful dance that goes beyond the limits of human beings.”

“It is an international event, but it is not popular among the public. And of course, it is not a commercial event with advertisements,” she continued. “Last July, I heard the news that Song Joong Ki is in self-quarantine due to COVID-19. So I asked him to film a promotional video with his mobile phone for about 30 seconds at home because he would have time during quarantine.”

Song Joong Ki
Credit: KIADA

A added, “Afterward, I received a reply from him asking for the data of the event for the past 6 years. Nearly a month later, he sent the video. The volunteers were really impressed. We couldn’t give him a penny, so I just asked for a simple greeting. But he spent a lot of his time and money to create this so sincerely.”

After the post had gone viral online, Song’s agency HiSTORY D&C shared, “The actor first requested the agency for the publicity. He participated in the hope that it would be of some help.”

Those who heard the news praised the actor. These are some of the comments: “He even got dressed up for that short video. Very Impressive.” “He’s both perfect on the outside and on the inside.”

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