Netflix Drops the Behind-the-scene Photos of ‘Sweet & Sour’

Credit: Netflix
Credit: Netflix

Netflix dropped the behind-the-scenes photos of a realistic romance movie Sweet & Sour.

The actors shared fun memories and laughter on the set. Jang Ki Yong said, “Chae Soo Bin and Krystal were a lot like the Da Eun and Bo Yeong I had in mind when I was reading the script. They really did a great job. And it allowed me to immerse myself in the role.”

Credit: Netflix

Chae Soo Bin said, “The movie is about romance. So we talked to one another about what the characters would do in certain situations from time to time. It was a very friendly and fun environment.”

And Krystal shared, “We got along great since we are around the same age. The scenes which feature Jang Hyuk and my character were all fun, so we had fun from the beginning.”

Lastly, the director Lee Gye Byeok remarked, “We threw out various ideas and had many conversations on the set. We had many fruitful discussions about the project and the characters. And the work environment was always very friendly,” showing that the whole crew of the movie was united under one vision.


Source: Netflix

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