Best Lines in ‘Sell Your Haunted House’ that Highlight Jang Na Ra and Jung Yong Hwa’s Chemistry

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KBS’s Sell Your Haunted House unveiled the best lines highlighting the chemistry of the exorcist duo, Jang Na Ra and Jung Yong Hwa. In the latest episode, Hong Ji Ah (Jang Na Ra) dramatically reunited with Oh In Bum (Jung Yong Hwa) even after trying to part ways after learning the truth of her mother’s death 20 years ago. And as of last week, the series ranked first among all Wednesday-Thursday series for 13 weeks straight. Especially, the special bond between exorcist Hong and her psychic Oh has gotten stronger over time, captivating the viewers.


The Fantastic Chemistry

The Britium case was the first time Hong and Oh officially signed a contract and collaborated on an exorcism. Hong wanted to set her mother, who became a ghost, free, and Oh wanted to find the truth about his uncle’s death, although he doesn’t believe the fact that he’s a psychic. While conducting a preliminary inspection, Oh taunts Hong, saying, “Be careful. You may die all alone too.” To which, Hong claps back, saying, “You, who have no home or girlfriend, shouldn’t be saying that. You’re the one who’ll die on the streets.” Their Tom and Jerry moments have certainly put smiles on viewers’ faces. However, this was also the moment when they realized each other’s loneliness.

A Heartfelt Consolation

Oh became Hong’s psychic, and since then, he struggled with unrested spirits’ memories that flowed into him. Hong, who knows about the pain more than anyone, sympathized with him and consoled him, “Eat what you like, see what you like, and buy what you like. Just do as much useless things as possible. Good job today.” Moved by her warm comfort, Oh bravely did what he had to do. So when Hong found out and struggles over the fact that she killed her own mother to save Oh 20 years ago, he visits her in the workshop. Telling her to stop blaming herself, he gave the advice he got from her, saying, “Eat what you like, see what you like, and buy what you like. Just do as much useless things as possible.”


Their Determined Will

In the 7th episode, Hong and Oh found out that the client’s father killed himself after the two exorcised the old spirit in the mansion. The incident reminded Oh of his uncle, so he opened up about the pain of living without knowing why the loved one committed suicide. “No matter how terrible it is, you will want to know the truth,” he said to the client as he expressed his determination to dig into his uncle’s death. In the 11th episode, Hong met with Do Hak Sung and feared that her mother stayed as an unrested spirit because of her resentment towards her. But still, she agreed to exorcise Oh’s uncle’s spirit. She also expressed her determination, saying, “You said it. You want to know the truth no matter how terrible it is.”


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