‘Running Man’ Says Goodbye to Lee Kwang Soo With a Sense of Humor

Credit: SBS

The episode of SBS’s Running Man, which aired on May 30th, featured the casts’ reactions to the news about Lee Kwang Soo leaving the show.

During ‘The Tact Race,’ the casts made their own openings and called each other to gauge the situation. Lee Kwang Soo received the most calls that day. All the members, who called him, asked him the same question: “You’re leaving the show?” That was because it was the day after the news had hit the wire.

Lee Kwang Soo replied, “Why are you guys talking about the same thing? What does my stepping down have to do with the choice?” When the casts heard that Lee Gwang Soo didn’t have his meal yet, they teased him, saying, “Why can’t you eat?”, “Are you okay? So where are you going to have the Last Supper?” Lee Kwang Soo, who seemed quite flustered, didn’t do much except laughing at all the jokes unrelated to the race.

In fact, Lee Kwang Soo and the rest of the members acted the same as usual. Viewers have always seen Lee Kwang Soo getting flustered or angry by the casts’ mischievous pranks On Running Man. Even though the theme of the episode was his farewell, nothing has changed.

Not just during the opening of the show, casts joked about whether this was his last recording throughout the whole episode. The members playfully pretended to be sad or crying and suggested they give all the coins to Lee Kwang Soo since he’s leaving soon. They even made rhyming poems on the spot with the word ‘ha-cha’ (meaning ‘stepping down’). Yoo Jae Suk made everyone laugh by saying, “If we should include another member, it’ll be Cha Eun Woo.” Ha Ha added, “If we should include another member, it will be Cha Tae Hyun.” And then, Yang Se Chan continued the joke and said, “If we include another member, it will be Cha In Pyo.” And at last, Lee Kwang Soo said, “Stop it! J—!” When Lee Kwang Soo had to leave early, they continued to tease him in jest, “Step down your car” and “Are you practicing it now?”

The members probably heard the news before the public did, but they talked about it like it’s no big deal and prepared a fun, partying episode. The old and beloved cast’s departure is sad news for the fans, the crew, and the cast. Since Lee Kwang Soo made lots of memories with Running Man and viewers and left his mark, his leaving will surely make everyone feel quite empty.

Running Man took care of Lee Kwang Soo and his fans with unchanged humor. The show even made his leaving funny and helped them get used to and accept his absence. They’re preparing to say goodbye to him with smiles on their faces Running Man style.


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