A Bulked-up Song Kang Shows Off His Muscles

GQ revealed deadly attractive photos of Song Kang.

Men’s magazine GQ recently had a photoshoot with Song Kang. In the revealed pictures, Song Kang looks tough and charismatic, showing a different shade compared to the recent roles in his work.

Credit: GQ

He showed off his beautiful physique and body proportions. Plus, he changed his facial expressions to make them fit the theme of each photo. One minute, he looked gloomy and the next, he looked charismatic.

In the interview, he talked about how he wanted to project to others. He shared, “I try to show who I truly am. I think, by doing that, I feel like my unique charm or aura will naturally shine through. And people will feel that. I am curious what that would be. I feel like I’m in the process of getting to know myself.”

When asked what he learned about himself through acting, he answered, “I always thought I am an indifferent person. I don’t know if the acting changed me, but I found myself starting to express my feelings. Also, I cry so much. During emotional scenes, I burst out of tears.”

More of Song Kang’s photos and interviews are available in the June 2021 issue of GQ. The video version of Song Kang’s interview will be released on GQ’s official Instagram and Youtube channel.

Regarding the upcoming series, an adaptation of the popular webtoon, he said, “The director wants me to create a character, a mix of my real-life self and the character from the original webtoon. So my character will be quite different from the original character.” And when it comes to working with Han So Hee, he commented, “I improvise a lot because I like doing it. So Hee handles it very well. We’re the same age. So we work great together.”


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