Bullying Scandal Sparks Within THE BOYZ; Juhaknyeon and New Explain the Situation

Credit: V Live

Late last night, some started to speculate that there is bullying within THE BOYZ. To which, Juhaknyeon and New stepped up to give explanations.

On May 20th, one viewer wrote a post on various online communities under the title, “Idols embroiled in controversy after today’s V Live session.” In it, she attached clips from THE BOYZ’s V Live session and wrote that the members are shunning Juhaknyeon out.

The controversial part starts when Juhaknyeon joined the V Live broadcast conducted by other members. When Juhaknyeon said, “I should stay here,” New told him to go back to his room. Juhaknyeon asked, “Why? Do you not want me here?,” and New tried to answer him through a text message.

New then kicked him out of the room, telling him to play with the doll. After that, the members who were hosting the live broadcast took selfies together, sparking a heated debate.

Credit: V Live

As the controversy caught on fire, Juhaknyeon and New hosted a new V Live session to give explanations. Juhaknyeon said, “Other members were hosting the broadcast so I wanted to join. And when I sat in the back, the agency texted me. And they wrote, ‘You should be careful and it worries me if five people are sitting in a small room.'(Due to the pandemic, private gatherings of 5 or more people are prohibited in South Korea.)”

New also added that Juhaknyeon had to leave because he had a place to go. He then shared, “We were really flustered by the bullying scandal.”


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