GFRIEND Fans Are Furious at the Label for the Group’s Sudden Disbandment

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While GFRIEND’s sudden disbandment has shocked the public, fans are shifting their blams to the agency, Source Music.

On May 18th, Buddy (GFRIEND’s fandom) issued a statement on online communities and social media. Through this statement, Buddy is demanding an explanation of why the agency released a disbandment notice only 4 days before the termination of members’ contract.

They then raised their voice about the cancelations of GFRIEND’s schedules, which were already scheduled before the agency announced the disbandment. Buddy pointed out the irresponsibility of the label as they failed to mention their plans for upcoming events. These events include yet-to-be-released YouTube content, Weverse membership, and a fan signing event postponed due to the pandemic.

Credit: Source Music

Earlier on the 18th, Source Music announced GFRIEND’s disbandment through an official press release. In it, they wrote, “Our contract with GFriend will come to an end on May 22nd. After careful consideration and serious discussions, we decided to go our separate ways.”

However, even eight hours before the disbandment notice, GFRIEND members released various content and communicated with their fans via V Live. Naturally, fans were flabbergasted by the sudden news. In response, some fans are talking about boycott HYBE, the agency that recently acquired Source Music.


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