‘Vincenzo’ Kwak Dong Yeon Says Song Joong KI Is an Amazing Actor

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Kwak Dong Yeon took a huge step in his acting career with Vincenzo as Jang Han Seo.

In tvN’s Vincenzo, he was loved as an irresistible villain by portraying Jang Han Seo’s various aspects. For example, he depicted multiple elements of the role, from the arrogant head of the Babel Group to a clumsy brother who tries to “purify” the group by helping Vincenzo.

In his video interview, Kwak Dong Yeon shared the stories by expressing his gratitude.

“Thank you much for the audience, who watch and love us. After seven or eight months of filming, I had so much fun, and I was very happy. Because our work received so much love from the viewers, it seems to have made our work more meaningful. Looking back, I’m sure that it will leave a good memory.”

Credit: tvN

Jang Han Seo chose ‘survival’ as the core of the keyword for this character.

“Jang Han Seo is ruled by his brother very much in his life. In other words, he had lost in charge, like a living corpse. For him, first and foremost, survival and living his life was his top priority. So, after meeting Vincenzo, he might have felt the hope, thinking, ‘that person could make me live my life in the future.’”

Jang Han Seo ended up losing his life by saving Vincenzo.

“Anyway, Jang Han Seo goes through various processes and finally becomes a person who is not ashamed of himself, so I believe it was a satisfactory result for Jang Han Seo as well.”

Kwak Dong Yeon sees Song Joong Ki, who worked together, as a colleague who always cared for him.

“He is very much professional and experienced. Every time we met, he always said, ‘Do whatever you want. I’ll support you.’ Thanks to him, we made a good bromance. He gave me a spark of encouragement because he told me that he has been enjoying my show.”

He also mentioned his chemistry with Ok Taecyeon, who played his brother Jang Joon Woo (Jang Jang Seok).

“As many of you know, he has bright and cheerful energy in person. He made me feel comfortable at the shooting, but we tried not to get too close because his role doesn’t have any affection toward Jun Woo in the series. So, we were cautious about showing our real-life relationship on the camera.”

Credit: H&Entertainment

Kwak Dong Yeon has already become an actor with ten years of experience since his debut in 2012 with the series You, Rolled Up a Vine.

“I never thought I have been pursuing the career for ten years. And I think the big reason why I was able to come this far is that I love this job so much. I wish to learn more, be happy and joyful. I always a desire to achieve more. Having moderate greed is a big driving force for me.”

His next work will be 6/45.

“I have a role of an army. The work is very comical, and it has a bright atmosphere. The shooting has already started with lots of pleasant people, so I’m having fun filming it.”


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  • I loved the whole serie and you depicted your character so well, from a put upon brother to a good man. Very well done . I look forward to see you in other roles.

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