Upcoming Series ‘Imitation’ Uncovers Five Different Character Posters

Credit: KBS

KBS 2TV’s new show Imitation has revealed the character posters for Jung Ji So, Lee Jun Young, Park Ji Yeon, Jeong Yun Ho, and Danny Ahn. Imitation is a show dedicated to all idols who dream of becoming a star, especially in an era with a million idols.

The poster spotlighted Jung Ji So’s doll-like features as she plays Lee Ma Ha, a member of a girl group. There is a phrase that says, “Although I am fake now, I dream of becoming something real,” next to her fierce eyes. Expectations for her character are rising, looking forward to her endless challenge towards her dream.

On the role of Kwon Ryok is Lee Jun Young with his handsome looks and passionate gaze. The quote “Being the best, the only thing I need is you” reveals his feelings towards Ma Ha while being the center member of S. Korea’s top boy group Shax.

Park Ji Yeon, who acts as La Ri Ma, catches the eyes with her unmatched charisma. Meanwhile, Yun Ho for the role of Lee Yu Jin is next to a quote that reads, “I’m not giving up on my dream, Ma Ha, nor my spotlight.” Many anticipate his appearance in the show as he will play the center of the rising boy group Sparkling and the supportive friend of Ma Ha.

Credit: KBS

Lastly, Danny Ahn has a soft smile along with the phrase that says “I won’t raise you like factory-made products.” He will feature in the show as Ji Hak, the CEO of group Tea Party’s agency. The poster allows us to assume that he will be a reliable support for Ma Ha as she pursues her dream to become a ‘real’ star.

The first episode for Imitation will air on May 7th at 11.20 PM KST.


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