Ji Soo’s Agency KeyEast Refutes ‘River Where the Moon Rises’ Previous Statement

Credit: KBS
Credit: KBS

River Where the Moon Rises filed a lawsuit against Ji Soo’s agency KeyEast. Soon, the agency refuted its claims through an official statement.

“We would like to share our position regarding the lawsuit filed by Victory Contents, the producer of the drama ‘River Where the Moon Rises.’

After Ji Soo’s school violence issue broke out, KeyEast had a thorough conversation with the production company and KBS. Ji Soo also apologized right away. We only did so to prevent further damage to the series, even though some specifics are yet to be confirmed.

We deeply sympathize with the difficulties that the production company and many staff face due to sudden actor replacement. So we have made it clear that we are willing to take responsibility for the cost of re-filming to replace Ji Soo at a reasonable level.

Credit: KBS

However, the estimated production cost presented by Victory Contents lacked specific grounds to reach a final agreement. Therefore, we politely requested them to provide the detailed invoice. In the meantime, the filming is still in progress. And it will take more than a month until the final adjustment comes out. So we even offered to pay some amount in advance to help them out.

We have made sincere efforts to reach an agreement by requesting objective arbitration from KBS and drama producers’ associations. So the truth is different from how Victory Content claims that we failed to reach an agreement with an uncooperative response.

The drama is getting back on its track thanks to Victory Contents, directors, actors, and staff’s hard work. We hope that no more disturbances will come out and that the series will end safely. And we have refrained from responding as much as possible. Nevertheless, unfortunately, we regret that we failed to reach an amicable agreement. KeyEast will do its best to resolve the issue until the end.”

Meanwhile, Victory Contents announced that they sued KeyEast for partial damages. They stated, “Though we tried to work it out with KeyEast on recovering such damages, they did not cooperate. Thus, we decided to take legal action.”


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