More Actors, the Producer and Writer for ‘Joseon Exorcist’ Come Forward with Apologies

SBS’s Mon-Tues series Joseon Exorcist was recently canceled due to controversies on historical negationism. Since then, the show’s actors, producers, and writers have apologized for the incident.

Credit: SBS

The controversy and voices against the show grew serious after its first episode on the 22nd. Both viewers and sponsors turned their backs on Joseon Exorcist. As a result, it was called off within only two episodes of airing.

Involved actors were also not able to be completely free of accountability. Even after the show was canceled, criticism towards the actors continued. Starting with Jang Dong Yoon, the crew members of the show made apology statements.

Lee Yoo Bi stated, “This was a work I came across at a time when I was deep in thoughts of what role I could play, what I can do. I wanted to portray a character I had never attempted before. I regret that I was ignorant about the distortion of history.”

Credit: Park Sung Hoon’s SNS
Credit: Jung Hye Sung’s SNS

Park Sung Hoon also came forward, “I could not distinguish the boundary between creativeness and distortion.” Gam Woo Sung, too, apologized. “As a lead actor, I didn’t realize that it could be perceived as a historical distortion by the eyes of the viewers,” he said. Other actors, including Kim Dong Joon, Jung Hye Sung, and Keum Sae Rok, also apologized for their actions regarding Joseon Exorcist.

The director and producer of the show, Shin Kyung Soo, revealed, “I should have paid more close attention to the plot and characters of the story, especially as it was set in the Joseon Era. We were using the names of historical figures. I feel responsible for this, and hence am deeply reflecting on myself.”

Screenwriter Park Kye Ok made an official statement as well. “I regret making a complacent judgment, relying upon the fact that it was a fantasy-drama, despite having to show my respect for the founding heroes of Joseon. While many viewers were concerned about the historical distortion, I have never intended to do so. However, I will never forget the pains I have caused to everyone.”


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